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6 Great Gifts For Mom This Mothers Day

Mothers Day is on the second Sunday of May. The purpose of this holiday, as proposed by Anna Jarvis (1864-1948), is to remind us to appreciate our mother and strengthen family bonds. One great way to show appreciation to your mom is to send her a Mothers Day gift. This article provides ideas for 6 great gifts for mom this Mothers Day.

1. Mothers Day Gift Basket:
A great way to let your mom know you appreciate her unconditional love is to send her a Mothers Day gift basket, which is designed specifically to honor mothers. These beautiful baskets usually contain savory treats, votive candle, and a book of inspirational stories and quotes about mothers (or images of special moments shared by mother and daughter). Other items may also be included in the basket to proclaim your love for her. For example, a popular gift basket for mom includes a self sufficient container garden inscribed with Love You Mom on the outside, and contains the soil, nutrient, and seeds for her to start a blooming garden. All she has to do is to water and flowers will bloom. While the contents of these baskets vary, they can surely deliver your message of love to your mom and warm her heart on her special day and beyond.

 2. Spa Gift Basket:
Spa gift baskets are popular Mothers Day gifts, and there are spa gifts designed just for mom. One of these gifts consists of a beautiful container adorned with purple flowers and includes a table top glass and mirrored plaque with a poem just for mom. Also included are lavender bath and body products, exfoliating bath mitt and facial towel, hair brush, rose-shaped tealight candles and heart-shaped holder, floral magnetic notepad, and a mini ceramic angel. This unique gift will not only sooth her body, but also fill her heart with your love.

3. Gardening Gift Basket:
If your mom is passionate about gardening, then a gardening gift basket will bring her joy. You can send her a solid wood gardening planter that contains a soft knee pad, a pair of stylish gardening gloves, assorted vegetable or floral seed packets, a spritzer bottle, a beautiful gardening sign, hand soap, moisturizing hand lotion, and aromatherapy sachets. She will also find some tasty treats inside the planter, including chocolate chip cookies, caramel apple stickies, and herbal tea. She can enjoy these tasty treats while taking a break from planting.

4. Tea Gift Basket:
If your mom is a tea lover, then a tea gift basket will be the perfect gift for her. This white basket contains a delicate rose stoneware teapot and matching tea cup with saucer, and two varieties of tea. Also included are chocolate truffle cookies, raspberry chocolate cake, green tea, breakfast tea, butter toffee caramel corn, chocolate truffles, and chocolate covered pretzels. This sophisticated gift will delight any tea lover.

5. Personalized Picture Frame:
Another way to profess your love to mom is to send her a personalized picture frame featuring a poem in her honor. You can select from one of the 4 different provided verses, and personalized the frame with your special message. The frame can hold your favorite picture with mom.

6. Giant Fortune Cookie:
You can also surprise your mom with your personalized message inside a giant Mothers Day fortune cookie. You can tell her how fortunate you are to have her in your life. The cookie is hand-dipped in fine Belgian chocolate, sprinkled with sweet pastel candies, and decorated with pink hearts, butterfly, flower, and a candy plaque that says Mom.

In summary, there are many ways to show your appreciation to your mother. You can send her a Mothers Day gift basket, or one of the 6 great gifts for mom.
By: Diana W

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